It’s summer in Gilbert, so some might describe the temperatures as a little bit toasty. Usually butter goes well with toast, but not in this case. We’re pretty certain that will just cause sunburn. Water is the answer.

Maybe you’re a scratch golfer. Or maybe you’re a fan of the beach, and a golf course’s sand traps are the closest thing you have in the area. At least that’s what you tell yourself every time your ball lands in the hazard.

We’re going to operate from the premise that you know what vinyl is (you know, that round disk that emits awesome sound when you put a needle on it). But did you know you can still get vinyl right here in your backyard?

The East Valley happens to have an impressive collection of vintage shops, one of the many charming things about the area!  If you’re headed out shopping one of these days, don’t miss these thrift, antique, and vintage clothing stores for some really cool stuff at very cool prices!

Getting fit sounds like a chore. Sure, it’s hard work, but you should also be able to have fun while doing so. Fortunately, Mesa is home to every type of exercise class you can fathom.

You’re not fully living in Gilbert if you’re not taking advantage of the wondrous natural landscape the surrounding areas have to offer. And what better way to appreciate that nature than with a hike.