Looking for a Gilbert hair salon? You’re in luck. We have three of our favorites that we want to share with you. For us, it’s not just how you look walking in versus walking out. It’s how you feel. Sure, how you feel will be based in small part (okay, it’s a fairly big part) on how you look, but we do value the overall experience.

Everyone can recall a school field trip to a museum. Maybe as a child, the trip was boring and tedious. Or maybe it was enlightening and exciting. Either way, as adults we tend to appreciate the past more than we did in school. And Arizona has a rich history.

The word of the day is portmanteau. That’s what brunch is. A portmanteau. A linguistic combination of words. Breakfast + lunch = brunch. We think it’s important for our posts to be educational. Plus, it seems like the type of word you should use while...

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot Arizona day.  Gilbert has a few amazing ice cream shops, but these three stand out from the pack—both in the quality of the delicious frozen treats they serve and in the quality of the customer service they provide.

Remember when happy hour used to be just one hour? Neither do we. Probably because of all the drinking now that most happy hours are plural. But we’re not complaining.

Few things are more American, or more fitting of a summertime meal, than a well-made burger.  There are loads of good options in the area, but a few local businesses stand out above the crowd.  Here are our top three favorite burgers in Gilbert, Arizona.

You love your dog. We know you do. But we know sometimes he drives you nuts. Running around in circles. Jumping up and down, on and off the furniture. That adorable/annoying thing she does where she puts just one paw on your leg or foot to remind you she’s there. Doesn’t she ever get tired? Where does she get all that energy?