Curtains Up on Live Theater in Gilbert

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Curtains Up on Live Theater in Gilbert

The performing arts form the backbone of a civilized society. As President Lyndon Johnson once said, "Art is a nation's most precious heritage." Seeing a story come to life in front of your eyes makes the magic more powerful. The energy of the performers mingling with the audience is unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. And in Gilbert, there are plenty of opportunities to be a part of this amazing experience. Here are the top performing arts companies in Gilbert. 

Hale Theater

The Hale Theater Arizona comes from a prominent family in American theater, the Hales. Starting in 1947, the Hale family have built a regional theater empire that spans multiple states. The theater in Arizona is the baby of Dave Hale Dietlein, who wanted to expand from the family roots in Glendale, CA and settled in the family-friendly town of Gilbert. The Hale Theater Arizona offers incredible family-oriented theater in the round, which means the audience is positioned on all sides of the stage. This season includes A Christmas Carol, Singin' in the Rain, Newsies, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Ballet Etudes

Ballet is seen by many as a hoity-toity dance form that is only for rich folks. But really, it is a beautiful dance filled with grace and athleticism that can be enjoyed by anyone! And Ballet Etude is the top of the ballet game in Gilbert. There's a reason professional football players take ballet lesson. The agility of ballerinas is staggering. When you can tell a story without any words, you know you are doing something right!

Actors Youth Theater

When you think of youth theater, it may conjure cringe-worthy thoughts of elementary school plays about vegetables or George Washington cutting down a cherry tree. Actors Youth Theater.... is not that. They put on high-quality productions of Broadway's biggest hits, like Annie, Les Miserables, Jekyll & Hyde, and Hairspray. You can see some of the brightest talents in Arizona on the road to brilliant careers on stage! 

If you have a weekend free, don't waste it on another marathon of a tv show you've seen 4 times all the way through. Head out and see fantastic live theater and support the arts! Are there other performing arts companies in Gilbert you enjoy? Let s know on Facebook or Instagram. And follow our blog here for more Gilbert events!

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