Find Your Beauty at the Best Salons in Gilbert

Hair Salon Gilbert AZ

Find Your Beauty at the Best Salons in Gilbert

Looking for a Gilbert hair salon? You’re in luck. We have three of our favorites that we want to share with you. For us, it’s not just how you look walking in versus walking out. It’s how you feel. Sure, how you feel will be based in small part (okay, it’s a fairly big part) on how you look, but we do value the overall experience.

Our choices range from simple (yet sophisticated) to the full spa experience. You can’t lose. Well, you might lose a couple inches of hair -- or the stray eyebrow hairs that drive you nuts. But you’ll win overall. You get the gist.

The Edge Salon

Simple yet chic. Expect the best in cut and color at The Edge SalonThe Edge Salon, where they know the hottest hair trends rocking the fashion world. They’re open every day of the week, and if you go on a Monday or Tuesday, check their website for a new customer coupon. The space isn’t huge, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the chaos you might find at other larger salons.

Zynergy Wellness Salon & Boutique

A little more expansive, the Zynergy hair salon provides a wide array of services beyond hair and makeup. From waxing to nail care to microdermabrasion, Zynergy can take your beauty regimen to the next level. Not only that -- tired of never getting your eyeliner just right? They actually offer permanent makeup solutions. Basically, you can get stuff done here that may hurt now but looks great after.

Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa

Not that we’d ever classify a spa or salon as a “one-stop shopping” place like a 7-11, but Colair has it all. Well, at least insofar as a hair salon and spa would be concerned. We doubt you can get a Slurpee. I mean, they are fancy enough where they might send someone out to get one for you if you asked nicely, but that would be tacky. Hilarious, but tacky. Colair is dedicated to both men and women. Come for a massage, a beard trim, some waxing (even for the fellas), color, extensions, and more. They even have a med spa, where you can get all sorts of injections to make your skin look taut and smooth. Any spillage or dripping from your Slurpee will slide right off your face.

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