Board Your Babies: The Best Pet Boarding in Gilbert

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Board Your Babies: The Best Pet Boarding in Gilbert

It can be hard to leave your beloved pet in the hands of a stranger. No one else knows better than you the particular place they like to be scratched, the kind of food they love, the way to play with them and their favorite toy. No one else can love them quite like you do. But let's face it-- sometimes you've just got to get away! While you're off on vacation or away for work, you want to be sure your pet is with someone you can trust to have their best interest at heart. We've done the hard part for you! Here are the best pet boarding facilities in Gilbert.

Pete and Macs

This chain of pet boarding campuses offers a first class dog or cat experience. Pete and Macs' resort atmosphere keeps your babies from panicking while you're away. They will make new friends in supervised group play, enjoy a veterinarian created diet, and have access to a private room with a bed. There are trained employees on site 24/7, so you don't have to worry about some kennels where dogs are watched over from afar via cameras. If your pet is ever in distress, there is somewhere there right away to make things better. There are temperature controlled indoor areas and covered and misted outdoor areas so your pet will always be comfortable. If you will not be leaving for long, but need a place for your furbaby during the day, they also offer daycare!

Prestige Animal Clinic

If you read that title and thought "ooh a clinic. That must be more than just a kennel," you'd be absolutely correct. Boarding is one of the many services offered at Prestige. From daycare to grooming to microchipping to spaying and neutering, this place does it all. While the boarding side is run independently of the clinic, should your pet display any signs of illness or other problems, the caregivers will be able to have them look at by a vet on-site. This will hopefully stop a small problem from becoming a big one! You can rest easy knowing your pet is never far from any care they may need. 

Prestige Animal Clinic

Top Dog Boarding and Training

At Top Dog, you can leave your pet knowing they will be looked after by amazing trainers and caretakers. They have options for regular boarding, with multiple potty times, play times, and feeding with the food you provide. One of the most popular options Top Dog offers is boarding with training. If you have a dog you would like trained but you just don't have the time, leave your dog here and come back to a perfectly behaved pupper! Included with this package is 6 transition visits so you can learn to take advantages of all your dog has learned.

With something as precious as your pet on the line, you should, of course, do your due diligence and check out the facility you hope to leave them at. It is important you feel safe leaving your beloved animal there. Hopefully this list will get you off to a good start! Do you have another favorite kennel you use? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. And follow our blog here to keep up with what's going on in Gilbert!

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