Wok to the Best Chinese Restaurants in Gilbert

Chinese Food Gilbert

Wok to the Best Chinese Restaurants in Gilbert

Who doesn't love Chinese food? It's one of the most diverse cuisine genres out there. Whether you prefer fresh or fried, light or filling, traditional or fusion, there is a Chinese food option for all tastes! Grab your chopsticks and come with us as we take you on a tour of the best Chinese restaurants in Gilbert. 

Wok With Ming

Let's start things off with the new kids on the block: Wok With Ming. They have only been open for about a month now, but they are quickly becoming a fan favorite in Gilbert. Specializing in Americanized Chinese fare, Ming is serving up all your favorites, like Sesame or Sweet and Sour Chicken, Mongolian Beef, and Chow Mein. With 4.9 stars on Google, they are doing something right! 

YC's Mongolian Grill

There is no easier way to get exactly what you want than to eat at a Mongolian Grill. And YC's is the freshest and tastiest around! There are thousands of possible combinations, and you are in control of what you eat. For those who don't know how a Mongolian Grill works, it is basically a buffet with a super hot grill at the end. You go through and gather your favorite meats, vegetables, noodles, and sauces into a bowl, then hand it off to the cook at the end so it can be cooked into a hot and tasty meal made just for you! 

Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bars

You might be thinking that the Singing Pandas part is just there to be cute. But the singing is one of the most important parts of Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bar! You can't beat free entertainment with your meal, and that's exactly what you get. Enjoy the musical impersonations of in-house entertainer and emcee Mike Russell as he belts out the best of Elvis, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly, and more. All this comes with delicious food and a friendly atmosphere that will all come together to create the perfect fun night out. 

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Gilbert is not only a great place to live, it is a great place to eat! Check out these Chinese restaurants and let us know what you think on Facebook and Instagram. And keep following our blog here for more Gilbert goodness!

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